Mandy Jarvis

Mandy Jarvis

Director, Operations / PGA Level 1 / Activator

Previously:  Paralegal – IMG Legal Department

Golf Handicap:  WIP

Favourite Community Golf Game:  Golf Pong

Favourite Saying:  “Keep on keeping on …”

What’s in your mug first thing in the morning: Cuppa Tetleys (builders, white no sugar)

Away from Golf: My two daughters keep me very busy!

Simon Kidd

Simon Kidd

Director, Finance

Also:  Managing Director of Accounting Company

Golf Handicap:  5

Favourite Community Golf Game:  Most of them!

Favourite Saying: “Build it and they will come” – From Field of Dreams Film with Kevin Costner

What’s in your mug first thing in the morning: PG tips tea, no milk or sugar

Away from Golf: Cycling and travel

Gillian (Gilly) Thomas

Gillian (Gilly) Thomas


Previously: MSc Student at the University of Chichester

Golf Handicap: Work in progress!

Favourite Community Golf Game: Rings

Favourite Saying: ‘Be a warrior, not a worrier’

What’s in your mug first thing in the morning: Decaf coffee!

A way from Golf:  I’m a trainee sport psychologist and I love rugby (playing and watching)

Dualle Ahmed

Dualle Ahmed

Sessional Activator

Previously: Studying Croydon College and UNICEF steering group

Golf Handicap: Work in progress

Favourite Community Golf Game: Little Binnit

Favourite Saying:  “Don’t count the days, make the days count” – Mohamed Ali

What’s in your mug first thing in the morning: Tea

Away from Golf: Photography, Travel, Martial Arts and Swimming

Jon Benjamin

Jon Benjamin

Assistant at Golf in the Park

Previously: Small business Owner/Health Club Management

Golf Handicap: 9

Favourite Community Golf Game: Howzat

Favourite Saying: Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked in their shoes

What’s in your mug first thing in the morning: Nice cup of Rosie Lee

A way from Golf:  Very long suffering ST holder at Tottenham

Julia Brook

Julia Brook

ASQ Level 2 / Sessional Activator

Previously:  NHS Admin & Business Management, Process Redesign.

Golf Handicap:  4

Favourite Community Golf Game:  Bullseye Chip

Favourite Saying: “Your past is not your future” anon…

What’s in your mug first thing in the morning: Nursery Tea! ie very weak and milky

Away from Golf: Sport and Music

Steph Thomas

Steph Thomas


Sian Jarvis

Sian Jarvis

Junior Volunteer

Cameron Burden

Cameron Burden

Junior Volunteer

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Jobs at Community Golf

We’re looking for great people to join our team to deliver a range of Community Golf products across East & West Surrey, South London. Sessional Activator / Site Assistant / Volunteering roles available.


“Golf has given me a lot of life experiences and a massive amount of enjoyment, and I want to share this with other people. I believe every young person should have that opportunity.”

Richard Shaw
Founder, Community Golf

“Working with the Community Golf team has been a revelation into what community sport needs: pure passion, great ideas and excellent delivery. As a funder of Community Golf, their professional way of working in these three areas gives us confidence that they can continually deliver the results that we require.”

David George

Partner Management

London Sport