Where does Community Golf play?

Perhaps it’d be quicker to ask ‘where DOESN’T Community Golf play?’

Schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, community centres, special needs and disability groups all benefit from forging strong links with Community Golf.

Golf teaches participants core values and life skills such as respect, integrity and fairness. In addition to delivering quality, fun, pioneering programmes, we offer young people valuable mentoring and leadership opportunities. By engaging and supporting people, Community Golf aims to grow participation in all forms of golf and enable the development of a workforce and network of volunteers.

Working in collaboration with each site partner, we:

  • Tailor pioneering programmes to meet their specific business objectives
  • Engage with and encourage each individual and group
  • Allow people to learn the basics so that the game can be enjoyed quickly and simply
  • Inspire them to continue enjoying golf for a lifetime.


In just five weeks, Community Golf and Croydon College established weekly activities engaging over 50 students, the vast majority of whom had never played golf before.

Following the success of this pilot programme, Croydon College has signed up to an annual programme of golf and is working with us to develop a range of competitions and events to further inspire and motivate the students.