West Surrey Activator Gilly’s review on 60+ Autumn League

With the new year upon it, it’s always a great time to look back on the past year. Within this blog, I will be reflecting on the 60+ sites that we have ran from September to December. We had six continuing 60+ sites and one new 60+ site competing across 10-weeks of fun, accessible, golf chipping and putting skills games.

We have three main aims for our 60+ sessions: to help the older generation to lead a healthy and active lifestyle; to give social opportunities to our clients and finally to improve the opportunities for them to learn a new skill – golf!

Throughout the 10 weeks, the improvement in golf skills has only been second to the banter and laughter of the participants, who are a mixture of able-bodied participants, participants with dementia and participants with physical disabilities yet all manage to have a laugh and a joke while scoring some good points to go together within the league. Within the sessions, we have a league game (the game they will score on) and a practice game (which is the game that they will be scoring on next week).

From my perspective, there have been so many positives from the last three months, it’s hard to pick out only a few! I think the main highlight has to be the Eileen Tozer Centre, who were leading the overall standings with an amazing 2897 points, until they were just pipped to the post by The Grange (a specialist centre for young adults with learning difficulties). A second highlight is 84-year-old Maria from the Orchard Dementia Centre. Maria was exceptional at all the games this year, accumulating not only the highest score at her centre, but the highest individual score for all the 60+ participants! A remarkable achievement for somebody who has never played golf before!

Finally, I’d like to highlight James from our newest site, Laurel Dene. James is one of our dementia clients, but was an active member of the golf sessions week in week out, even coming down to play and register a score when unwell, despite being advised that he needed rest! What’s remarkable about James is that he enjoyed the sessions so much, that he was seen practicing his golf skills in the week in preparation for the Friday afternoon sessions! All that practice must have paid off with James gaining the top score at Laurel Dene.

It’s been great to be able to look back on some of the experiences of the past three months and I’m really looking forward to the new Spring league starting mid January!

If you’d like any more information about our golf sessions, or about how we could come and fit in with your centre, please contact us on hello@communitygolf.co.uk!

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