Throughout 2018, The Wisley Foundation funded our 60+ programme (including participants with dementia) which facilitated delivery of 200 sessions across 8 sites in Surrey during the year. Around 180 participants (68% aged 75-89 and 15% over age 90) enjoyed regular weekly one hour sessions with us competing in the Spring, Summer and Autumn Leagues. 65% of these were female and 73% had never played golf before.

Community Golf promote the principle that golf is a game for everyone, regardless of age, gender, ability, background or circumstances. Our interactive low impact putting and chipping skills programmes are designed to remove all barriers, be fully inclusive and our objectives are to promote physical activity leading to improving people’s sense of physical and mental wellbeing. Through our innovative format, we aim to make it easier for people to have a go in a comfortable “no frills” environment. Specially adapted lighter clubs are used where needed to facilitate the participation of wheelchair users too.

Without the support of our Funders, we cannot do the work we do in the community.  A massive thank you to The Wisley Foundation for their invaluable support.  Golf does not have to be played outdoors to make an impact!



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