Thank you to the Heathrow Communities Together Fund

As part of our Active Communities project, we have received a grant from the Heathrow Community Fund.  Community Golf was awarded the donation under Heathrow Community Fund’s Communities Together ( grant to support three of our 60+ groups (including those living with dementia) in West Surrey.  The theme of the project is to increase social inclusion and community cohesion.

“We are delighted to receive this grant which means that we can extend delivery of our Active Communities project to Orchard Dementia Centre, Eileen Tozer Day Centre and Carers Dementia Support Group in Woodham & New Haw.  They just enjoy the sessions so much and it is enlightening to see the change in some of the participants being active”. (Mandy Jarvis, Operations Director for CG)

The “Super Summer Series” within the project, will continue to deliver golf themed fun and inclusive putting and chipping activity skills sessions in a safe “no frills” environment, where participants will be active weekly reducing isolation, promoting social inclusion and physical and mental well-being.

Over the course of the weeks, we see huge changes in participants energy and wellbeing. The hour long sessions give us the chance to get them up and taking part in something that for the most part they normally get involved in. From just sitting around to actually doing something which entails movement, effort and balance are of huge benefit to them. Benefits to them personally include an increase in energy levels resulting in improved physical and mental wellbeing, as well as engagement with other people resulting in less isolation and loneliness. All these factors can not only benefit our participants, but the wider society, in relation to putting less pressures on the NHS and other related public and social services. Added this to the fact that we involve both staff and voluntary carers in the sessions, as well as family members, which result in a certain amount of respite for those who may otherwise be caring for them or dealing with the effects of the lack of regular movement and stimulation stimulation.

Heathrow Community Fund is part of an independent grant-making charity set up by Heathrow’s owner to support and strengthen local communities close to the airport.  In the past two years it has donated more than £1 million through thee grant programmes, funding projects which support young people, help protect the environement and support active local communities.  Funds come from an annual donation from the airport, fines imposed on aircradt that breach noise limits, Heathrow colleagues who raise funds for us and John Lewis.  The fund also supports and encourages Heathrow staff to volunteer and support the local communities where they live.

Our weekly activities help participants to have a reason to come and get out and about … @heathrowcommunityfund @orcharddementia @eileentozerdaycentre

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