Congratulations to all who took part and especially to our prize winners.

First Place Overall

Park Barn Centre – 2780 points

Second Place Overall

Eileen Tozer Centre – 2760 points

Third Place Overall

Woodham & New Hall Centre – 2715 points

Top Scorer in Community Group

David M (Park Barn Centre) – 400 points

Top Scorer in Education Sector

Joseph A (South Thames College) – 300 points

This leaderboard does not include tailored sessions delivered with Cheam PEP; Gallions Primary School; Lister Community School; St Giles School; Willowfield School; Walthamstow School for Girls; Chobham Academy, Chessington Community College, Glenthorne School Y7 PE and Philip Southcote.

2016 Leaderboards

Spring | Summer | Autumn

Education Sector

OrganisationTop 8 Scores CombinedIndividual Top ScorerIndividual Points
(Maximum 650)
South Thames College1595Joseph A300
Glenthorne School Y71270Joseph A230
SYC - BLAST890 (6 weeks)Rhianne B190
Kingston College895 (5 weeks)Philesha P165
Kingston University705 (5 weeks)Naji H140

Community Groups

OrganisationTop 8 Scores CombinedIndividual Top ScorerIndividual Points
(Maximum 650)
Park Barn Centre2780David M400
Eileen Tozer Centre2760Bryan A395
Woodham & New Haw Centre2715Molly C385
Brockhill Centre2325Kim J370
Age Concern Merstham2320Betty M360
The Clubhouse Project2230John C375
Orchard Dementia Centre2180Bryan L335
Benwell Centre1880Jean H315
The Grange1700Dominic W310
Shawfield Day Centre1465Cathy M225
Rosebery Manor1440Betty P310
Staywell Horley (5 weeks)1010Hazel H325

“The initial reaction of playing golf from some of the students has been to judge a book by its cover. However, through their participation in the Community Golf enrichment activity, students have taken a liking to the sport, finding it an enjoyable activity which allows a diverse group of students to get involved in a friendly competitive sport”.

Lead Youth Worker
Merton College (South Thames)