Get Set, Get Active – Improving Activity, Promoting Inclusion, Increasing Confidence & Skills for Students with Special Educational Needs

Community Golf programmes are designed to remove all barriers and be fully inclusive and our objectives were to promote physical activity and lead to improving people’s sense of physical and mental wellbeing.  We promote the principle, that golf is a game for everyone, regardless of age, gender, ability, background or circumstances.

Students (aged 17-21) were given the opportunity to participate in the lunch time enrichment programme, 36 attended, 18 of which attended regularly (7 of those had special needs).  The sessions consisted of a range of putting and chipping skills challenges.  Each week the group played a different league game, where all participants scored points to add to a total team score over the 10 weeks, competing in a virtual league.  Medal and star bans were also available for achievements and the top scorer at the end of the programme received a high street voucher prize.






















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