Day in the Life of a Golf Activator – Halow Project

This Summer, we were lucky enough to be invited back to run a golf session with the Halow project. The Halow project is an amazing service who provide opportunities and support for young people aged 16-35 with a learning difficulty, in Guildford. They are dedicated to helping their members live independent, fulfilling lives and becoming more involved in the local community.

We met the group at The Guildford Spectrum and set up four of our challenging skills games to test their putting and chipping skills to the max.

Our first game, Bullseye Chip, uses our target and tests how accurate the participants chipping skills are. 10 points is awarded for the bullseye, with descending points awarded for zones further away from the bullseye. The highest score was Jack, with a brilliant 19 points from 5 balls.

We also set up Skittles, using our Community Golf bottles, which went down a treat. Like bowling, the aim of the game is to knock down as many bottles as you can by putting the ball into them. There is nothing more satisfying then the rattle when they knock over, with most participants managed to get a strike throughout the session.

The next game we ran was also a chipping game, Little Binnit. The aim of Little Binnit is to chip the ball into our pop-up bin (it’s much easier said than done!) so that it stays in the bin. There were some great attempts from the group (including Jason the activities coordinator) with the whole team cheering when a ball landed in the bin.

The fourth and final game we bought to test our participants with was Rings. The aim of the game of Rings is to putt one ball into each ring, which are set up to look like the Olympic rings, to gain maximum points. To make it slightly easier we ran this game as a team game to see if any teams could get one in each ring throughout their individual goes.

At the end of the session, high 5s and pats on the back were given aplenty, with our wristbands being awarded to our Star Golfers of the day.


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