Day in the Life of a Golf Activator

Hi, I’m Gilly, the lead Activator in West Surrey.  In the first of a series of blogs, I will be endeavouring to give you an insight into some of the programmes that Community Golf deliver.  On a Thursday, I deliver weekly sessions to three very distinctive groups.

Our first group, comprises the lovely Frances and her dementia friends support group.  The group consists of (mostly over 65’s) who have either been diagnosed with dementia or their friends and loved ones have.  I set up two skills games and give all the participants ample time to practice before the league game is scored.  The group are very competitive and there’s always cheering (and mild jeering) each other on to see who comes out on top!

The second group, are a group of young adults with learning difficulties.  They are always full of energy from the minute I turn up to the minute I leave.  I set up two games alongside golf on their games console and let them play the games for the full hour recording their best score.  We always have music on in the background so there’s a great atmosphere (with some not so great singing) for the duration of the session.  At the end of the session, we award the best golfer of the day with a wristband, which is always met with spontaneous cheering and celebrations.

The final session of the day, is a more relaxed session the group at Brockhill (60+), are a lovely bunch who enjoy a cup of tea, slice of cake and a good old chat alongside their golf games.  This doesn’t mean that they aren’t competitive, as there’s always lots of banter going on when participants have heard their score.  They love to improve and will have as many attempts playing the league scoring game as they possibly can in the time available, with most the group frequently smashing their score by the end of the session.

I hope that you have gained a small insight into the variety of sessions and individuals that I have the pleasure to deliver to and meet across just one day.  If you’d like further information feel free to contact us on


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