Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got a question about the UK Cross Golf event? We have the answers …


About the event

What is the UK Cross Golf Open?

The UK Cross Golf Open is a fun competition open to anyone and everyone. It’s aim is to showcase golf in a unique setting, as well as inspire and engage people with the game.

Players will compete to win the Jeremy Feakes Memorial Trophy and to qualify to represent the UK in the European Urban Golf Cup (EUGC), which will be held the next day (Saturday 16 May).

What's the difference between cross golf and traditional golf?

Cross golf draws on all the best aspects of traditional golf but in a more relaxed setting. It demands skill, concentration and ambition but in a faster, more flexible format.

Safety, respect and the consideration of others are the key rules in cross golf. To ensure no damage to people or property, specially adapted golf balls are used.

Other than these simple rules, the main rules of cross golf are similar to traditional golf. Players navigate a predefined ‘course’ in the same way as a traditional game, with each hole presenting unique challenges. The aim is to get the ball to hit the target (hole) in as few shots as possible.  A ‘hole’ in cross golf can vary enormously; the only limitation is the course organiser’s imagination!

Around the world, similar formats of cross golf exist, including street or urban golf. The game is fast gaining in popularity across the world; the EUGC being the largest urban and cross golf tournament of its kind in Europe.

Who is Jeremy Feakes?

Jeremy Feakes (Jez to his friends), was the Shoreditch Golf Club’s founder, who pioneered the concept of urban golf.

Jeremy dreamed up the sport while strutting across Covent Garden with his golf clubs. He amused himself by asking strangers if they had seen his ball pass by!

A keen golf player, Jeremy was irritated by the sport’s stuffy, rule-heavy image. So he tinkered with the rules, designed and perfected a ball – a leather sac that both flew and rolled but would not smash or dent, mapped a course along the back streets of Shoreditch, hired umpires, erected scoreboards and attracted sponsors. His perfectionism, drive and pride enthused all he met. The rest, as they say is history.

Tragically in 2007, Jeremy died way too early at just 34, from a head injury sustained in a fall at his studio. He has left a hole in people’s lives. Or, as one friend put it, “18 holes, to be precise”.

Community Golf are delighted to be working with the other members of the Shoreditch Golf Club including his close friend, John Lyons who is part of the core events team. We are incredibly proud to name the UK Cross Golf Open trophy in his honour and memory.

Jeremy Feakes 1972-2007 Designer, entrepreneur and founder of The Urban Golf Tournament.

Who can enter?

Anyone! The only restriction is that at least one adult must play in a team that has players under 16 years old.

How many teams are there?

We have 30 team spots available. As soon as you have paid your entry fee and received confirmation, you’re signed up and set to play!

Is there any age restriction?

No! So long as you are able to complete the course, you’re very welcome to play. The only restriction we have is that at least one adult must accompany any teams containing players under 16 years old.

How long will a round take?

We estimate that a round will take between 2.5 and 3 hours.

How do I sign up?

There are still a few places remaining so sign up today! Fill in the registration form here.

Do you need any volunteers?

Always! The Events Team would love to hear from anyone keen to support the UK Cross Golf Open and EUGC.

There are a wide range of great roles available, including:

  • Team marshals (golf rules knowledge essential)
  • Stewards (some golf knowledge useful)
  • Scorers (golf knowledge essential)
  • Meet and greeters
  • Photographers
  • Hub helpers (information/registration)
  • Runners (supporting the event organisers)

Volunteers will be expected to provide excellent customer care to our players and spectators, offering support, enthusiasm, directions and knowledge; essentially being the “eyes and ears” to ensure both events run smoothly.

If you’d like to volunteer to join the events team, write to us outlining your area(s) of interest.

Thank you!

Where do I get more information?

We will continue to publish more FAQs on this page, but for all the latest news and updates, follow and like us on Facebook.

I registered online. What happens now?

Once we’ve received your registration form, we’ll send you a email requesting payment of your team’s entry fee.

As soon as the cleared funds have been received by us, we will confirm your team’s place at the event and provide all the relevant information about the day.

If you have any questions or haven’t received your confirmation email, please drop us a line at

On the day

What do I need to bring?

Just three clubs (two irons and a putter), a sunny disposition and maybe a waterproof, (it’s the UK after all).

Your three clubs must be two irons and a putter. Richard, Community Golf’s MD and PGA Professional, recommends a six iron and a wedge, but the choice is yours.

PLEASE NOTE: Drivers, woods and hybrids are not allowed. Players will only be allowed to take three clubs on the course, so leave all your other clubs safe at home. There are no storage facilities available onsite.

Each player will be given three almostGOLF Balls for use on the day. No other golf balls are allowed on the course. This is a fundamental health and safety issue and failure to comply will result in your team’s disqualification and removal from the course.

When should we arrive?

Registration will be at the Timber Lodge Café, which will act as our ‘Hub’ for the day.

Team captains will be sent their allocated tee time a few days before the event once all teams have registered.

All team players must sign in at least one hour before their allocated tee time to guarantee their place, but feel free to come down and enjoy the whole day, regardless of your start time.

Allow yourselves plenty of time – the hour prior to your tee time will be very busy!

You will:

  • Receive your welcome pack and almostGOLF balls
  • Be assigned your team marshal
  • Have team photos taken
  • Be given a competition briefing and run through the rules and safety
  • Be taken to the first tee fifteen minutes ahead of your tee time.

Timber Lodge has great food and drinks, toilet facilities, etc, so come down early and enjoy the build up.

Please note: failure to have registered your whole team an hour prior to your tee time will result in forfeiting your slot.

Where do we sign in on the day?

Registration will be at the Timber Lodge Café, which will act as our ‘Hub’ for the day.

The quickest pedestrian route from Stratford Underground is shown below. Please allow approximately 20 minutes.

Route from Stratford Underground to Timber Lodge

There is limited parking in the area, so Westfields is your best car park option.

Team captains will be sent their allocated tee time a few days before the event once all teams have registered.

All team players must sign in at least one hour before their allocated tee time to guarantee their place. Allow yourselves plenty of time – the hour prior to your tee time will be very busy!

What time does the event start and finish?

Registration will open from 9am.

The first tee time will be 10am and the last around 1pm.

We expect the final groups to arrive back at the Hub (Timber Lodge) at 4-4.30pm.

Can I bring my own golf balls?

In short, no! But don’t worry, you’ll be provided with three almostGOLF balls when you sign up.

Please note: no other golf balls can be used on the course. This is a fundamental health and safety issue and failure to comply will result in your team’s disqualification and removal from the course.

Can friends and family come down to watch?

Yes! Definitely! Cross Golf is a fantastic spectator sport! The whole day is not just an participation event but an experience to be shared with everyone. Teams will be navigating the course across the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park throughout the day. As well as the UK Cross Golf Open, Community Golf sites will be playing in their own inter-site challenges in the afternoon.

There is no charge for spectators, so invite your friends and family down to support you on the day to witness your finest moments! Not only will spectators be able to walk the course and see the teams play up close, there will also be taster sessions and competitions taking place over the Friday and Saturday, where anyone can test their own golfing prowess.

And if your little ones need a change from all the golf, Timber Lodge is conveniently located next to the Tumbling Bay children’s playground.

Spectators are asked to respect the course, all of the other players and abide by the directions of the stewards and marshals.

Is there somewhere to get food and drink?

You bet! Our partner, Timber Lodge Café is a fantastic venue with a great reputation for its healthy breakfasts, chilled sandwiches and salads, hot lunches, sweet treats, snacks and drinks.

We will be hosting activities and competitions in around Timber Lodge across the two days. Come and say hello!




The Competition


What is the format of the competition?

Good question! There will be nine holes and challenges staged in and around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, combining a whole variety of formats. Be prepared for scramble, betterball, stroke play and shoot outs – everything is covered!

What is the scoring system?

Scoring varies per hole (don’t worry – this will be clearly explained by the scorecard and team marshall on the day).

Ultimately, all you need to know is that the entire team’s gross total represents your final score. The lowest team gross score will be the winners! Time to get your team mate’s practising…


Are there specific rules to follow?

The UK Cross Golf Open will be played under the published R&A Rules of Golf. Copies of this rulebook will be available from Timber Lodge (The Hub).

The specific local rules are below. These rules will also be available on the day and your team marshal will be able to advise accordingly.


A ball is out of bounds when it lies on or beyond any boundary line indicated on the map or by the marshal.


The public have full right of way at all times.No shot should be played if there is a danger of striking a member of public.


All shots on grass MUST be played from the mats provided. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the team.


Scores must be recorded at the end of each hole with your team marshal on the scorecard provided. The marshal’s decision is final.


Golfers must keep up with the group in front to avoid slow play. All play must be finished by 5pm. Failure to complete your round will result in the maximum number of shots for each hole remaining being added to your score.


A player may be disqualified if there is a serious breach of etiquette (see Decision 33-7/8 in the Decisions on the Rules of Golf). Any player committing anti social behaviour will be reported to the head marshal and may be removed from the competition and QEOP.


In the event of inclement weather such as thunder/lightning, the competition will be suspended and ALL players must return to The Hub for a roll call. In the event of an emergency, players may be asked to evacuate the QEOP site.


Better Ball: every team member plays the hole individually until they have ‘holed out’ or exceeded the maximum shots.

Scramble: each player takes the tee shot, the best one is picked. All players then play from this position. This continues until the ball is ‘holed’.

Skill challenge: each player takes a shot to the specified target. The best score for an individual is recorded. This number is taken OFF the final score.


If you lose a ball, drop a new one at the approximate position of your last stroke (the marshal confirms the position). This incurs one penalty stroke.


The almostGOLF ball that has been supplied to you must be used. Use of any other ball will result in disqualification from the competition.


Final decisions on any competition and scoring matters will be made by the head marshal.

I've never used an almostGOLF ball - what is it like?

almostGOLF balls are a great innovation that allow golfers many more opportunities to play and practice in any location.

The almostGOLF ball travels approximately one-third the distance of a normal golf ball, yet mimics a real golf ball and is perfectly balanced for true spin, trajectory and accuracy. It compresses slightly upon impact just like a real golf ball, giving it real ‘pop’ off the club face and long-lasting durability.

The almostGOLF ball’s special core construction, the almostGOLF ball is extremely soft, making it a safe but high quality alternative. No longer do you have to soften your golf swing because the ball can’t handle force, velocity or resistance.

Ultimately, the almostGOLF ball is the perfect partner to cross golf and will be as easy (or hard) for you to use as a normal golf ball!

What surface will we be playing off?

Wherever your ball lands, although as its urban golf, predominantly concrete/paths. Mat will be provided if preferred. Where it’s different to golf, we will be providing mats for all shots off grass!

How long is the longest hole?

Our ‘Doglegacy’ hole is a whopping 312 yards (par 5 hole). OK, OK, it may sound reasonable, but remember you’ll be playing with an almostGOLF ball!

When will the winning teams be announced?

As soon as the last teams have cleared the course and submitted their cards to the scoring referees, there will be a short verification process and the winners announced.

This will take place at Timber Lodge some time around 4.30-5pm and results also published on our Facebook page.

Players, supporters and spectators are encouraged to stick around and enjoy the celebrations. Have a drink and play some of the activities around the hub at Timber Lodge. Players from the other European teams will be joining us during the afternoon to meet everyone and soak up the atmosphere.


How will we know if we’ve been selected for the EUGC?

The top four teams will be invited to represent the UK at the EUGC.

The winners will be announced as described above at around 4.30-5pm, with results and teams published on our Facebook page.

Should you be unable to attend the prize giving, your captain will also receive a text to confirm selection.

What time is the EUGC starting on the Saturday?

The EUGC competition will start at 10am sharp and be played in a shotgun format (meaning all teams start at the same time – across the course).

Registration will open from 7.30am.

The EUGC briefing is at 9am and is compulsory for all players. All teams must have registered before the briefing, so please ensure you leave plenty of time to sign in, have photos taken, collect shirts, get some food/drink, etc, etc.

It will take up to 25 minutes to get to some holes on the course, so timings will be strictly adhered to. You have been warned! 😀 Timings are critical to ensure all teams can get around the course as well as enjoy atmosphere, the pit stops, the delights of the day such as the English weather …!

For all the latest information on the EUGC event on Saturday, please follow and like the EUGC on Facebook.