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We have a team who care passionately about the people who embark on our projects and have countless experience of delivering sessions and great experiences to our target groups and pride ourselves on overall quality.  We require constant funding support to deliver projects and continue to pursue all funding opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about what we do – or fancy seeing our activities; joining our team or can offer funding support – we would appreciate hearing from you.

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“It’s fun, it gives you a challenge and it helps me to be active.” Jose M (Student, 17, South Thames College)

“I found the golf activities really inclusive.” Malik (Student, 19, Marjorie McClure SEN School)

“All the students who have been involved in the various golf projects have really enjoyed the experience and had great fun.” Vanessa Salem (PE Teacher, Warlingham Secondary School)

“Community Golf is a fantastic activity for us to have and it’s been great to see a healthy competitiveness within the group. It’s been great to see so many involved, especially considering many of the group have long term health issues, including heart and lung diseases, M.S. and diabetes.”. Caroline Muldoon (Centre Supervisor of Age UK Merton)