We tailor our delivery to the clients’ needs and expectations.

All our programmes are inclusive and adaptable to the ability of the participant. Our interactive sessions aim to produce regular activity by participants playing a regular version of indoor or outdoor golf – making it more appealing through our innovative format, by giving people the opportunity to play in a comfortable “no frills” environment, providing a positive experience and greater level of engagement.


We aim to help people of all abilities to:

Have the opportunity to participate;
Engage with physical activity;
Reduce social isolation;
Build character and resilience;
Improve health and wellbeing;
Be active together throughout the week;
Increase Social and Community Development;
Enjoy positive experiences;
Have fun!


Our Programmes include:
10 x 1 hour weekly league sessions
Lunch time sessions for all educational settings
Curriculum sessions for primary and secondary schools
Sessions for Differently Abled groups
Youth Club sessions
Events & Tasters
Golf in the Park

“Community Golf is an innovative way of making golf fun for ALL! All ages and abilities can play, anywhere, anytime! It’s been so exciting watching the social and physical benefits of the young people develop as well as keeping an eye on the leaderboards!”

Sophie Jackson
Mole Valley District Council