What does Community Golf do?

We show people how easy it is to discover their own love for this beautiful game!

Our interactive sessions complement the traditional golf format while making the game more appealing to young people and better suited to a modern lifestyle. Using specially adapted equipment to ensure no damage, we adopt a no frills format and faster play programmes to provide a positive experience and greater levels of engagement with the sport.


“Community Golf is an innovative way of making golf fun for ALL! All ages and abilities can play, anywhere, anytime! It’s been so exciting watching the social and physical benefits of the young people develop as well as keeping an eye on the leaderboards!”

Sophie Jackson


We want to help people of all abilities to:

  • Engage with the game
  • Learn new skills
  • Make new friends
  • Build character and resilience
  • Improve their health and wellbeing
  • Enter individual and team competitions
  • Have fun!

“I’ve had an amazing time with Community Golf and have quickly become addicted to playing golf. It’s a great game and loads of fun.”

Christal Siridine
Student, Coulsdon College

Christal represented Coulsdon College in the Southern England Student Sports Association golf event after just 12 weeks participation in a Community Golf programme.