Community Golf is The Social Golfer’s chosen charity for 2019

This year, Community Golf have been chosen as the charity that will benefit from The Social Golfer’s annual Open Championship in July. In order to give a true flavour of our sessions, we invited Ian and Brigitte from The Social Golfer (TSG) down to one of our popular Friday morning sessions at The Grange, Leatherhead. Not only are the Grange a really fun bunch, they were also the winners of our Autumn 2018 league and also boast having the individual Autumn league top scorer within their ranks, so Ian and Brigitte were definitely going to be put through their paces! We showed them a variety of our games, equipment and ways that we aim to make golf accessible to all.

As usual, we set up our three games (pictured below) to challenge our regular participants and our new TSG friends including ‘Climb the Ladder’, our points game for the week; ‘Pitch It’ (our points game for the next week) and a randomly selected third game which this week was ‘Horseshoe Putt’.

‘Climb the Ladder’ involves laying an agility ladder flat on the floor, with the aim to putt the ball into the last section of the ladder so it stays in there for maximum points. We use larger than usual golf balls to aid with accessibility and sight for our participants. ‘Pitch It’ is always a firm favourite with the participants and involves trying to chip the balls into our ‘green’, consisting of large green paddling pool complete with flag. Finally ‘Horseshoe Putt’ involves trying to putt a golf ball into one of five coloured horseshoe shaped rings, with maximum points scored for successfully putting one ball into each.

We had a great session with The Grange, with Ian agreeing that the games were “a lot harder then they look”! We are really excited to be working with TSG ( across the year and very pleased to be chosen as their charity of the year!

To find out more about the work we do, or if you could help us in any way, please head to our website at


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