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Our Vision

A belief that there should be no barriers so that everyone has the opportunity to play golf and access the health and social benefits that the sport provides.


Our Mission

To engage with specific groups of the community to facilitate fitness and activity using golf as the vehicle.  The low impact intensity of golf means that it can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of ability or previous experience.


Our Goals

  • Remove all barriers by providing disadvantaged and inactive people with the opportunity to be active through our programmes.
  • Initiate participation to increase personal physical activity involvement through our activation.
  • Guide participants towards a greater level of regular engagement.
  • Improve people’s individual sense of physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Reduce isolation and promote social inclusion.
  • Broaden our research to evidence what we do and effect change within the community.

“The CG team have really impressed me with their approach to delivery, taking a traditional sport and turning it on its head to bring it to new audiences. Its not just about the equipment, but also the people and the approach that they take. We’ve seen some really impactful delivery across the county by Community Golf over the last few years across a range of different target audiences.”

Lawrie Baker